The Sudsy Start of The Cottage At Sunny Gap 

The Feisty Redhead met and fell madly in love with Michael, also known as “Mr. Strong Silent Type” because he is never able to get a word in when she is around!  

When Julie and Michael decided to get married in 2017, they wanted it to be someplace very special.  After months of searching in the Central American country of Panama for information, they found an attorney on an island off Panama that could help navigate them through the arduous process of a Panamanian wedding license.  It also didn’t hurt that the attorney’s wife just so happened to be an event planner.

To thank all the people who made their day possible, Julie & Michael decided to create handmade soaps for each person involved; from food, music, officiants, photographers, florist and even the wedding crashers.  Before packing to take them down for the big day, Michael said that he believed there was something very special about the soaps and Julie should make more.  Receiving positive and gracious feedback from the soap recipients as well, the two formed The Cottage At Sunny Gap in January 2018 and sold their first soap in April 2018.   
The goal for The Cottage is to grow and provide employment for people who would usually be considered “high risk”.  Seniors with no safety net, single parents, domestic abuse survivors, working homeless, college students, recovering substance abuse addicts and so many other different people who are usually never considered as a ‘good’ hire.  With your purchase of our fabulous products, you are helping our business do just that and as it grows, employ individuals in the Central Arkansas area and in Panama as well to help provide for their families, too.